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TRAC: Risk Management Software


There are a common set of challenges when it comes to working on cybersecurity. Balancing cybersecurity tasks with your other responsibilities, having confidence in your security decisions, keeping projects and documents organized, meeting compliance and regulatory goals, and protecting your organization from cybercrime are just a few of those challenges. TRAC™ is our integrated cybersecurity risk management solution developed to simplify cybersecurity risk management and assist users with tackling their cybersecurity challenges with ease. It automates the tedious risk assessment process and produces customized results that align with regulation, best practices, and your strategic goals.

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  TRACTM - A Smarter Way to Manage Risk

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Why Choose TRAC?

  • Receive unlimited one-on-one training and support.
  • See where you rank among your peers with powerful peer comparison reporting.
  • Save days or even weeks’ worth of time and increase productivity with the most predefined, industry-specific data of any tool on the market.
  • Make more informed security decisions with the ability to score your IT assets, vendors, and business processes – giving you a clear understanding of where you have the most risk.
  • Centralize the storage, management, and analysis of security documentation.
  • Trust your results with a proven, time-tested risk assessment model that has led organizations through thousands of successful exams.

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Get Certified!
Certified TRAC Professional

Gain a deeper understanding of the foundational methodologies behind TRAC. You will be immersed in all TRAC modules, learn how they interact, and how to meet regulatory expectations using TRAC. Special focus will also be given to the “why” and interpreting data flowing out of TRAC. The resources and exercises available with this course will help you develop valuable material to take back to your institution.

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Core Modules

IT Risk Assessment: Perform a comprehensive and quantifiable asset-based risk assessment; complete with risk scores, peer comparisons, automated reminders, and board-ready reports. Don’t guess at your IT risk; let TRAC be your security expert!
Business Continuity Management: Create and maintain a concise business continuity plan (BCP) that addresses your business impact analysis (BIA), recovery time objectives, interdependencies, and testing.
Vendor Management: Make better decisions and easily perform four major components of vendor management: risk assessment, selection, review, and contract management.
ISP Document Management: Access a comprehensive list of customizable policy templates or upload your own to create a document repository and continuous monitoring program for your policies and procedures.
Action Tracking: Remain diligent with remediation tracking and follow up with a centralized solution for creating and tracking security tasks and plans.
Audit: Simplify your audit process with built-in audit templates, the ability to create custom repeatable internal audits, and quick access to final reports.
CaTRAC (Commercial Account Takeover Risk Assessment): Establish a risk rating for your commercial account customers and receive information about the security of each to allow for better control implementation and security awareness.
FFIEC CAT: Automate the FFIEC CAT to help you identify risk and determine your cybersecurity maturity in a few easy steps.

Additional Modules

BSA Risk Assessment: Automate your BSA Risk Assessment with industry-leading, predefined risk data, a list of controls to implement, and instant board-ready reports.
Enterprise Risk Assessment: Know which area of your institution carries the most risk, define your major processes, and highlight your greatest areas of risk.
Compliance Risk Assessment: Create a comprehensive risk assessment in a fraction of the time it takes on a manual spreadsheet.
Organizational Risk Assessment: Quickly and easily risk assess your entire Information Security Program (ISP).