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Industry experts and cybersecurity leaders provide you with cutting-edge tools and practical strategies to protect your digital world. Whether you want to explore trending topics or delve deeper into security, our SBS Institute webinars create a platform for discussion, allowing you to ask questions and share ideas, ultimately strengthening your defenses against cyber adversaries.

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SBS Institute Webinars


Title: Journey into the Maze of Multi-Factor Authentication 
May 15, 2024
Time: 2:00 - 3:00-3:30 PM CT
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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is billed as one of the most impactful controls you can deploy to mitigate cyber risk, and rightfully so! But what exactly is this enigmatic MFA, and why is it the talk of the cybersecurity town?
Prepare to embark on an exciting adventure, where we'll unravel the mysteries of MFA, exploring its importance, pros, cons, and the art of deploying it like a pro.

Learning Objectives

  • What is MFA and why is it important
  • Different types of MFA
  • MFA Risks and Threats
  • How to effectively deploy MFA
  • How to properly test MFA




Title: Biggest Threats, Crucial Lessons, Planned Projects: Information Security Professionals Panel Discussion
June 20, 2024
Time: 2:00 - 3:00-3:30 PM CT
Member Price: $199  |  Price: $249 
Recording available.
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We’re taking a break from our regular, topical webinars to bring you a different type of webinar! We invited several IT and Information Security Professionals to discuss what strategic projects they have on tap for 2024 in a highly interactive panel.

Our panelists will share some of their top cybersecurity-related concerns, their lessons learned from 2023, and their strategic projects for next year and beyond. We'll also open up the panel for questions from and discussion with our attendees. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to hear what other folks like you are working on in their environments and ask them questions!


Learning Objectives

  • Biggest cyber threats from each panelist’s perspective
  • Biggest lessons learned from 2023
  • Strategic Projects for 2024 and beyond
  • Open forum for questions and discussion

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