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Network Security

Receive a personalized experience with testing tailored to the size and complexity of your organization.

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Cybersecurity Partnership

Alleviate stress with a trusted cybersecurity consultant who acts as an extension of your security team.



Ditch the spreadsheet and make your risk management process more efficient and truly measurable with our risk management software.

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Take security into your own hands with a certification built for the banking industry.

Your Cybersecurity Partner

SBS CyberSecurity assists organizations with the implementation of valuable risk management programs and the oversight of cybersecurity threats and incidents. We empower our partners to make more informed security decisions and trust the safety of their data.

Success Stories

"The M365 Assessment, IT Audit, External Pen, VA, and Social Engineering assessment were fantastic. You’ve got a great team! Special shoutouts to our auditor and network security engineer…best audit I’ve ever had. They were both extremely beneficial in identifying gaps, shortcomings, and potential concerns, as well as putting work into explaining the why, how, and next steps. They also took the time to recognize the things we do well. I’m very impressed!"
Bank (IA)
"SBS auditors are easy to work with, patient, and provide information in a timely manner. They actually act more like a partner because even though they have to write up items, they take the time to ensure it is understood what needs correcting and why. There were no surprises in our report because findings had been discussed while the auditors were onsite. SBS auditors do a great job preparing us for regulatory exams."
Bank (AR)
"SBS Institute has provided a flexible and comprehensive certification course that offers the custom focus that I was looking for. Great care was taken in the design and execution of this course to ensure that proper emphasis and clarification were used in reviewing the laws and regulations that apply to banking security professionals. Bravo to SBS for delivering high value."
Bank (IN)
"SBS is knowledgeable and easy to work with. They took the time to understand our processes and provide recommendations that make us a stronger organization. We are comfortable with their audit process and the TRAC software provides a great resource for our staff!"
Credit Union (AR)