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Hacker Hour

The Hacker Hour webinar series is an interactive and engaging cybersecurity training experience - free of charge. Each month, our host invites a cybersecurity expert to join the Hacker Hour to discuss current cybersecurity issues and emerging trends. Attendees are encouraged to join the conversation, submit questions, share ideas, and provide topic suggestions. SBS CyberSecurity will also offer products and services to help relieve the stress of specific cybersecurity issues your organization might be experiencing.


Hacker Hour


Hacker Hour: Beyond Baseline: Revisiting the FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment Tool
Description: It's hard to believe that the FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment Tool (CAT) has been around for seven years already. Since its release in the summer of 2015, the tool has seen one major update and many questions about its value. 

Join SBS as we revisit how you can get the most out of your FFIEC CAT data and discuss the most common missed questions that prevent organizations from moving from baseline to evolving maturity.

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Hacker Hour HostMeet the Host

Nick Podhradsky, Executive Vice President at SBS CyberSecurity

Nick is on a mission to help organizations understand basic cybersecurity principles and incorporate a more robust security culture. Since 2016 Nick has hosted the monthly "Hacker Hour" webinar series, which aims to help attendees understand basic cybersecurity principles. Nick has been selected as a guest lecturer at the Dakota State University GenCyber camp and frequently speaks at local Chamber of Commerce groups and other user groups. Nick has ten years of experience in the banking industry and holds a master's degree in Educational Technology from Dakota State University. He is a Certified Banking Security Manager and Certified Banking Incident Handler.

Contact Nick at or 605-770-3926.


Past Hacker Hours

Hacker Hour: Locking Down Microsoft 365 Security
Join SBS as we identify and understand basic and advanced Microsoft 365 features and how they can impact your security.

Hacker Hour - Beyond Baseline: Revisiting the FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment Tool
Join SBS as we revisit how you can get the most out of your FFIEC CAT data and discuss the most common missed questions that prevent organizations from moving from baseline to evolving maturity.

Hacker Hour: Behind the Hack - Success Stories from the SBS Hacking Team
Join the SBS network security team as we walk through some of their most successful attack scenarios and share takeaways that you can implement within your own environment for increased protection.

Hacker Hour: Top 5 IT Exam Recommendations
Join SBS to cover the top five exam recommendations and open the discussion about what other findings are popping up around the country.

Hacker Hour: Completing the Ransomware Self-Assessment Tool (R-SAT)
Join SBS as we walk through the R-SAT and discuss how you can get more familiar with the tool.

{Hacker Hour} Critical Responsibilities of an ISO
Join SBS as we discuss the most critical responsibilities of the information security officer and share some insight on what organizations can do to fulfill the ISO's most critical responsibilities.

{Hacker Hour} Introduction to Open Source Intelligence with Cynthia Hetherington
Join SBS as we invite Cynthia Hetherington to stop by and discuss OSINT and cyber investigations.

{Hacker Hour} What to Know About Cyber Insurance
Join SBS and a guest panel of cyber insurance experts to get the answers to common questions about what is happening in the cyber insurance market. We will cover what organizations can expect from providers, what homework should be done before choosing a provider, the most important things to look for in your coverage options, and more.

{Hacker Hour} Make the Most of Cybersecurity Awareness Month
Join SBS as we discuss the resources can utilize to bring attention to cybersecurity awareness, in turn reducing cyber risk for your organization, your customers, and your business partners.