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Hacker Hour

The Hacker Hour webinar series is an interactive and engaging cybersecurity training experience - free of charge. Each month, our host invites a cybersecurity expert to join the Hacker Hour to discuss current cybersecurity issues and emerging trends. Attendees are encouraged to join the conversation, submit questions, share ideas, and provide topic suggestions. SBS CyberSecurity will also offer products and services to help relieve the stress of specific cybersecurity issues your organization might be experiencing.

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Hacker Hour

Date: Wednesday, January 27
Time: 2:00-3:00 PM CT
Recording available.

The ability to respond quickly and effectively to a cyber incident can determine the overall financial and reputational impact on your organization. An Incident Response Playbook is designed to provide a step-by-step walk-through for the most probable and impactful cyber threats and ensure certain steps of the Incident Response Plan are followed appropriately.

 Join SBS as we walk through the seven steps to creating an Incident Response Playbook tailored to your organization.



Hacker Hour: Are You Prepared for an Incident?

Description: Recent cyberattacks have proven that the ability to assess cyber incident response readiness is becoming a core competency for all businesses. A well-executed assessment structure with a repeatable program not only allows organizations to identify and properly respond to different attacks but also dramatically increases the speed at which the business can react. The quicker a business can react, the lower the impact that event has.

Join SBS as we discuss what steps you can take today to start assessing your incident response readiness and strengthen your organization's ability to respond.

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Hacker Hour HostMeet the Host

Nick Podhradsky, Senior Vice President at SBS CyberSecurity

Nick is on a mission to help organizations understand basic cybersecurity principles and incorporate a stronger culture of security. Since 2016 Nick has hosted the monthly "Hacker Hour" webinar series, which aims to help attendees understand basic cybersecurity principles. Nick has been selected as a guest lecturer at the Dakota State University GenCyber camp and frequently speaks at local Chamber of Commerce groups and other user groups. Nick has 10 years of experience in the banking industry and holds a master’s degree in Educational Technology from Dakota State University. He is a Certified Banking Security Manager and Certified Banking Incident Handler.

Contact Nick at or 605-770-3926.



Past Hacker Hours

{Hacker Hour} 7 Steps to Build an Incident Response Playbook
 Join SBS as we walk through the seven steps to creating an Incident Response Playbook tailored to your organization.

{Hacker Hour} Are You Prepared for an Incident?
Join SBS as we discuss what steps you can take today to start assessing your incident response readiness and strengthen your organization's ability to respond.

Hacker Hour: Red Team and Purple Team Testing
Join us as we define the differences in red team and purple team testing and discuss which might be best for your organization.

Hacker Hour: Spooky Business Email Compromise Attacks
Join SBS as we discuss the spooky techniques that hackers are using this season to compromise your networks. We will share simple fixes you can deploy to ensure that you are not haunted by a compromise.

Hacker Hour: Vendor Review Walk Through
Join SBS as we walk through the process of conducting a vendor review and discuss how organizations can structure their overall vendor management program.

Hacker Hour: 5 Steps to Completing an IT Risk Assessment
Join SBS as we walk through five simple steps to completing the IT risk assessment and discuss how organizations can understand the results to provide more business value.

Hacker Hour: Wake Up the Team! Getting Your People to Pay Attention to Cybersecurity Training
Join SBS and special guest Honey Shelton, training expert, as we discuss what you can do to ensure your training efforts result in better security awareness and make your “Culture of Security” meaningful!

Hacker Hour: Common Questions About Business Continuity Planning
Join SBS as we address the most common questions/issues that arise when creating and maintaining a strong business continuity plan.

Hacker Hour: Remote Work Security Assessment
Join SBS as we discuss the most common steps that were missed when quickly setting up a remote work environment and how you can ensure that your business has a handle on the security of remote work.

Special Edition Hacker Hour: Innovation Through a Pandemic Round Table
Collaborate with SBS and your peers for an interactive round table discussion focused on sharing innovative ideas and ways of leveraging technology that has kept our businesses running in a mostly virtual world.

Hacker Hour: Cyber Law and Insurance - Surviving an Incident
Join SBS and Dickinson Law as we discuss common questions and issues that arise during an incident as well as what information you should know about your policy to quickly take action. Additionally, we will review a couple of case studies that cover real-world scenarios that will arm your institution against the next incident.

{Hacker Hour} Understanding Office 365 Security
Join SBS to get a better understanding of the security and advanced tools that can be used to reduce risk when deploying Office 365 or other cloud solutions in your environment.

Hacker Hour: What to Look For in Your Next IT Audit or IT Exam
Join SBS as we reflect back on the some of the most impactful and valuable audit findings of 2019, and discuss what you can be looking for in your next IT audit or exam.

{Hacker Hour} Open the Tackle Box and Go Phishing
Join SBS as we discuss tips and tricks to keep your internal phishing program fresh and continually push the maturity level of your security awareness program.

{Hacker Hour} Key Components of Your Annual GLBA Report
Join SBS as we outline a comprehensive and repeatable template that can be used to build your own annual GLBA report. We will walk through the essential report components and troubleshoot common issues.

{Special Report Hacker Hour} FSSCC Releases New Cybersecurity Framework
The FSSCC has released a new cybersecurity framework call the “Cybersecurity Profile.” The Profile is a standards-based tool to help guide financial services institutions in developing and maintaining a cybersecurity risk management program. Join SBS as we review the framework and provide answers to common questions.

{Hacker Hour} Taking Cybersecurity From the Basement to the Boardroom
For this Hacker Hour, we asked a selection of past attendees to share the most common issues they struggle with when communicating cybersecurity needs to their Board. Join us to discuss how to boost cybersecurity from its hiding spot in the basement to a consistent topic in the boardroom.