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Hacker Hour Webinar Series

The Hacker Hour webinar series provides an interactive and engaging cybersecurity training experience - completely free of charge. We encourage attendees to actively participate in the conversation, ask questions, share ideas, and suggest topics. Additionally, we offer a range of products and services to help alleviate any stress or concerns related to specific cybersecurity issues your organization may be facing.

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Hacker Hour: Quantum Computing 101

 Wed, May 29       2:00 PM - 3:00 PM CT       Free

Quantum computing is an approach to computing based on encoding and processing information using the laws of quantum physics. Over the past decade, this technology has been moving out of the lab and into the world. As it does so, organizations have been engaged in both exploring its adoption and preparing for its cybersecurity implications.

In this webinar, Dr. Travis Scholten of IBM Quantum will provide an overview of quantum computing, its potential applications in the financial sector, and how organizations can assess the benefits and risks of this technology.

Join us to explore the latest in cybersecurity education and risk management techniques, which can help create a stronger security mindset among business customers.


Meet Dr. Travis Scholten!

Dr. Travis L. Scholten works as the Technical Lead for the Public Sector at IBM Quantum. He focuses on large, strategic activities with government entities to identify opportunities for leveraging quantum computers and advances in quantum computational science to drive technical and economic impact. In addition, he sits on the Board of Directors of the Unitary Fund, a non-profit working to create a quantum technology ecosystem that benefits the most people. Travis is the creator of The Quantum Stack, a Substack on quantum computing. From 2022-2023, he was a Policy Hacker Fellow with the Foundation for American Innovation, a non-profit whose mission is to develop technology, talent, and ideas that support a better, freer, and more abundant future. Prior to joining IBM Quantum in 2018, Travis received a Physics PhD from the University of New Mexico, and a Physics BS from the California Institute of Technology in 2012.

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Dr. Travis L. Scholten Technical Lead for the Public Sector - IBM Quantum
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”These topical webinars are relevant and sensitive to current challenges in our cyber landscape. I highly recommend the Hacker Hour, SBS, and their tremendous resources."