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TRAC: Risk Management Software

TRAC™ is an integrated, web-based cybersecurity risk management solution. It automates the tedious risk assessment process and produces customized results that align with regulation, best practices, and your strategic goals.


✔ The TRAC Advantage

  • Save time with predefined, industry-specific data.
  • Make better security decisions based on easy-to-read, board-ready reports.
  • See how you rank among your peers with innovative peer comparison reporting.


"SBS’ TRAC software has been an excellent tool in developing and maintaining our Information Security Program. We currently use TRAC for the majority of our FFIEC IT compliance needs. With TRAC we have matured our Information Security Program, utilizing the data to add strategic value. All of our required documentation is centralized and updated regularly, reducing the concerns of missing a new federal guideline or update. I would recommend SBS to any bank looking for a strong partner for their information security needs." - Jon Biskner, Nicolet National Bank


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Core Modules

IT Risk Assessment: Perform a quantifiable and measurable asset-based risk assessment. Don’t guess at your IT Risk; let TRAC be your security expert!
Information Security Program: Quickly and easily perform two major processes: risk-assess your Information Security Program (ISP) to identify gaps in your policy, and create a document repository for your policies and procedures.
Third Party Management (3PM): Make better decisions and easily perform four major components of vendor management: risk assessment, selection, review, and contract management.
Business Continuity Plan: Create and maintain a concise business continuity plan (BCP) that addresses your business impact analysis (BIA), recovery time objectives, interdependencies, and testing.
Action Tracking: Remain diligent with remediation tracking and follow up with a centralized solution for creating and tracking security tasks and plans.
Internal Audit: Simplify your audit process with built-in audit templates, the ability to create custom repeatable internal audits, and quick access to final reports.
Commercial Account Risk (CaTRAC): Establish a risk rating for your commercial account customers and receive information about the security of each to allow for better control implementation and security awareness.

Additional Modules

BSA Risk Assessment: Automate your BSA Risk Assessment with industry-leading, predefined risk data, a list of controls to implement, and instant board-ready reports.
Enterprise Risk Assessment: Know which area of your institution carries the most risk, define your major processes, and highlight your greatest areas of risk.
Compliance Risk Assessment: Create a comprehensive risk assessment in a fraction of the time it takes on a manual spreadsheet.