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Cyber-RISK: FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment


SBS’s Cyber-RISK tool is now part of TRAC as the FFIEC CAT Module. Please log in to TRAC to access your data or continue your Cybersecurity Assessment. If you do not yet have a TRAC account, please reach out to to obtain your credentials. Cyber-RISK will no longer be accessible on 08/31/2022.


Automate your FFIEC cybersecurity assessment with Cyber-RISK™. This web-based software is based directly on FFIEC recommendations but goes beyond a simple spreadsheet. Cyber-RISK is offered free of charge to any financial institution looking to efficiently complete their cybersecurity assessment.



  •  Fully automate your cybersecurity assessment. It is estimated that it takes on average 50-60 hours to complete the cybersecurity assessment using manual products or an automated spreadsheet - save time, stress and money with Cyber-RISK.
  • Better understand your results with easy-to-read, management-ready reports.
  • Easily define the next steps that need to be taken to improve your cybersecurity program.


EASY AS 1-2-3

  1. Complete the Inherent Risk Profile by simply clicking on your risk level for each statement.
  2. Select your Cyber Maturity Goal and complete the Cybersecurity Maturity by simply clicking Yes/No for each statement.
  3. Analyze your report to define next steps.


Step 1: inherent Risk Profile, Step 2: Cybersecurity Maturity, Step 3: Analyze Your Report