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Apple has ended support for its widely utilized QuickTime media player. Shortly after this announcement, TrendMicro notified the public of multiple zero-day vulnerabilities. Zero-day vulnerabilities suggest that a known vulnerability can be exploited, but no fix has been (or will be in QuickTime’s case) released by the software vendor. This would be very similar to any vulnerability identified in Microsoft XP after the End-of-Life date. It is common for cybercriminals to store up useful exploits like this to release after the end-of-life date, as they know financial institutions and businesses will be sitting ducks. Both the US-Cert and Apple have made official announcements that QuickTime should be removed from computers immediately.

If your institution is running a continuous vulnerability scanning system or you have a detailed software inventory, you should be able to quickly identify the systems that need QuickTime removed and verify that these vulnerabilities have been successfully remediated. Continuous monitoring will provide better security for your institution and a more successful outcome with your annual Vulnerability Assessment and IT Audits.



In addition to providing Vulnerability Assessments and IT Audit services, we have built educational programs to assist institutions in building out continuous monitoring processes. For more information on the related education, take a look a the Certified Banking Vulnerability Assessor (CBVA) or the Certified Banking Security Technology Professional (CBSTP) online certification courses.


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JonWaldmanWritten by: Chad Knutson, CISSP, CRISC, CISA
President - SBS Institute
Senior Information Security Consultant - SBS


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Posted: Wednesday, May 4, 2016
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