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{Press Release} SBS CyberSecurity Honors CybHER Founders with “Friend of SBS” Award

{Press Release} SBS CyberSecurity Honors CybHER Founders with “Friend of SBS” Award


SBS CyberSecurity Honors CybHER Founders with “Friend of SBS” Award

MADISON, S.D., March 17, 2021 – SBS CyberSecurity announced that it has awarded Dr. Ashley Podhradsky and Dr. Pam Rowland the “Friend of SBS” award for their trailblazing work to make the cybersecurity field more engaging and inclusive for women.


Dr. Podhradsky and Dr. Rowland co-founded CybHER through Dakota State University in 2013 to expand opportunities available to women and girls interested in cybersecurity and STEM and increase the number of women with careers in the field. CybHER does this by beginning to expose girls to the exciting nature of the industry starting in middle school and continuing through college and into their careers.


SBS CyberSecurity is a strong supporter of CybHER, and works closely with Dr. Podhradsky and Dr. Rowland to host events, speaking engagements and sponsorships. In 2018, SBS CyberSecurity’s late president and CEO, Aaron Gamewell, established the SBS/Gamewell Scholarship for students active in CybHER’s programs.


“We couldn’t be more excited to support and partner with Dr. Podhradsky and Dr. Rowland as they work to increase diversity in the cyber industry,” said Honey Shelton, CEO of SBS CyberSecurity. “We appreciate their dedication to bettering our field, and we are eager to see where they take CybHER in the future.”


During its annual company retreat each year, SBS CyberSecurity presents the Friend of SBS award to a person or organization that has made a significant impact on the cybersecurity industry. The award was presented virtually this year.


Since 2013, CybHER has made astounding progress in accomplishing its mission to increase the number of women in cybersecurity. In the past eight years, CybHER has:

  • Reached 23,675 students in and around South Dakota
  • Increased the number of female students enrolled in DSU’s CyberOps, Network and Security Administration, and Computer Science programs by 595%, and
  • Awarded 20 students with the SBS/Gamewell Scholarship.


In addition to directing CybHER, Dr. Podhradsky and Dr. Rowland are both professors at Dakota State University. Dr. Podhradsky is the interim vice president of research and  associate dean of the Beacom College of Computer and Cyber Sciences, and Dr. Rowland is an assistant professor in cybersecurity.




PHOTO CAPTION: The 2021 Friend of SBS recipients are: CybHER cofounders Dr. Pam Rowland (back left) and Dr. Ashley Podhradsky (back right). Also pictured are Julia Miller and Jon Waldman of SBS.

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Posted: Wednesday, March 17, 2021
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