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{OnCourse Learning Webinar} Anatomy of a Cyber Attack: Ransomware

Date: December 1, 2022
Time: 1:30 - 3:30 PM CT
SBS Instructor: Buzz Hillestad
Fee: $279
Includes: Live Access, 30 Days OnDemand Playback, Presenter Materials and Handouts
This webinar is presented in partnership with OnCourse Learning.
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Nearly every ISO and IT Manager's greatest fear is getting THAT phone call - the one where a user says they have a ransom note popping up on their screen. This is one of our greatest fears as well, but with a different spin - getting THAT phone call from a client. Unfortunately, we've been in this situation before and helped numerous organizations recover from ransomware.

In this session, we'll review two different ransomware attack scenarios from two different organizations that got different results while dealing with ransomware - and WHY.

What You Will Learn

  • Current Ransomware Stats and Tactics
  • Typical Ransomware Attack Scenario Walk-Through
  • Case Study #1 and #2
  • Differences and Results
  • Top Controls to Mitigate Ransomware Risk

Target Audience: 

Information Security Officer, IT Manager, Risk Officer, Internal Auditor, Board members, or other management team members looking to understand risks from Ransomware.

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Posted: Friday, November 11, 2022
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