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Cyber Showcase: Are You Prepared for a Cyber Incident?

Are You Prepared for a Cyber Incident?

Webinar: Cyber Showcase: Are You Prepared for a Cyber Incident?
Date: Wednesday, May 24  |  Time: 2:30-3:30 PM CT

Description: Are you prepared for a cyber incident?

It might sound like a simple question, but there's a lot to consider!

  • Are there gaps in your security controls?
  • Do you have the right technologies in place? Are they working correctly? Would you know if they were not?
  • How well-trained are your people?

Join us for this free webinar as we discuss those questions and many more and introduce a brand new offering from SBS CyberSecurity – the Incident Readiness Assessment – that can help you more definitively and confidently answer the question, “Are we prepared for a cyber incident?”

Hacker Hour webinars are a series of free webinars hosted by SBS CyberSecurity. Unlike paid webinars, Hacker Hours are aimed to meet on a monthly basis to discuss cybersecurity issues and trends in an open format. Attendees are encouraged to join the conversation and get their questions answered. SBS will also offer products and services to help financial institutions with these specific issues.

Posted: Friday, May 5, 2023
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