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{Cyber Byte Video} IT Risk Assessment

The IT Risk Assessment is the most important component of the Information Security Program (ISP) and can help you make better security decisions. This video will cover what the goal of an IT Risk Assessment should be, how it is used to build a strong foundation for your ISP, and steps you can take to go beyond checking boxes off a list.

SBS Resources

  • For a better IT Risk Assessment, look no further than the TRAC risk management solution. TRAC’s IT Risk Assessment module allows you to perform a quantifiable and measurable asset-based risk assessment much more efficiently than using a spreadsheet. TRAC is powered by predefined, industry-specific data that helps you know your risk assessment is correct and allows you to make better security decisions.
  • {Article} How to Build a Better IT Risk Assessment: A comprehensive, measurable, and repeatable IT Risk Assessment should be used to help an organization make better decisions. Without a detailed framework, any money spent on information security is akin to throwing darts at a board. Read More
  • {Blog} Risk Assessment: Qualitative vs Quantitative: Qualitative or Quantitative? The risk assessment methodology you use should depend on what you are trying to measure and what outcomes you’d like to see from that measurement. Read More


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Posted: Tuesday, January 9, 2018
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