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{Download} 5 Key Questions to Consider When Researching a vCISO Solution

{Download} 5 Key Questions to Consider When Researching a vCISO Solution

Consistent breaches, demand for information security consulting, and a limited supply of qualified specialists all support the idea of outsourcing the key information security officer position as a viable option. This guide outlines questions to ask when researching a vCISO solution. Plus, get an insider’s list of questions for potential providers.

Download this white paper for:

  • Information supporting five key questions your organization should review when gathering the data needed to choose the best CISO/vCISO solution;
  • A checklist outlining what should be included in a vCISO proposal;
  • 25+ questions that should be asked to any potential vCISO providers.


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Whether you’ve got an active team of cybersecurity experts or cybersecurity is just one of your many sole responsibilities, SBS can help you strengthen your systems and keep you informed through our vCISO services. Learn more.

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Posted: Thursday, February 24, 2022
Categories: Blog, Whitepapers