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#askSBS: MFA Recommendations



Question: What are your MFA recommendations for the future?  

Implement multi-factor authentication (MFA) wherever possible - on all web applications that allow the feature, on your enterprise password manager, on your email, on Active Directory, etc. MFA is the hand sanitizer to account takeover attacks and can prevent 99.9% of account compromises.

Yes, this extra layer of security adds a bit of inconvenience and another speed bump in the login process, but the risk MFA mitigates is worth the additional step.


Meet Our Expert! 

Jon Waldman, CISA, CRISCJon Waldman

As an experienced cybersecurity executive and educator, Jon Waldman has worked for over 15 years to help hundreds of organizations be able to identify and understand cybersecurity risks, allowing them to make better and more informed business decisions. Jon is the Chief People Officer for SBS CyberSecurity, as well as the President of the SBS Institute. 



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Posted: Friday, March 26, 2021
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