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{Webinar} Ransomware and Cyber Extortion

{Webinar} Ransomware and Cyber Extortion

Description: You come home from work, walk in, and find your child is gone. There is a note on the kitchen table, “We have your child, do not call the police, pay $100,000 and we will return your child safely. Wait for a phone call.”

Have you ever watched the movie "Taken"? When Liam Neeson is involved, he gets his child back and he keeps his promise to take down the bad guys.

In today’s technology world, criminals are leveraging malicious software and extortion techniques on financial institutions and their customers to do similar things. Ransomware and Cyber Extortion cases are on the rise, with over a billion dollars in losses. With this training, we will give teach institution a “particular set of skills,” just like Liam.

Price: $295

What you will learn:
  • How infections begin
  • Process of Ransomware
  • Best Practices for Incident Response
  • High profile cases
  • Technology Best Practices
  • Leveraging the Information Security Program
  • Review FFIEC Guidance’s
  • Free Ransomware Toolkit
Who should attend:
Information Security Officer, IT Manager, Risk Officer, Internal Auditor, Board members, or other management team members looking to understand risks from Ransomware.

"Chad Knutson has real-world experience and provides financial institutions with great resource materials."
Vicki Peloquin, First Bank of Highland Park

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Hacker Hour webinars are a series of free webinars hosted by SBS CyberSecurity. Unlike paid webinars, Hacker Hours are aimed to meet on a monthly basis to discuss cybersecurity issues and trends in an open format. Attendees are encouraged to join the conversation and get their questions answered. SBS will also offer products and services to help financial institutions with these specific issues.

Posted: Wednesday, February 22, 2017
Categories: Webinars