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Vulnerability Assessment


Stay one step ahead of a cybercriminal by identifying and investigating weaknesses in your network before they do. A Vulnerability Assessment is a proactive approach to identifying shortcomings and arming your organization with information to fortify your systems.

Vulnerability Assessments from SBS are completed remotely and provide your institution more visibility into how well your patch management program is functioning.

  • Scans the network from the inside to identify vulnerabilities.
  • Identify the TCP and UDP ports that are open, the processes that have been identified on the ports, and a host of different network and application vulnerabilities.
  • Includes routers, switches, servers, and other network equipment operated by staff.
  • Uses the world-leading comprehensive vulnerability scanning program to execute the assessment.
  • Assessment reports are comprehensive, clear, and concise, understandable from management on down.
  • Consultants are available after the assessment for advice and guidance.
  • Comes with the TRAC™ Action Tracking module to assist institutions in automating their recommendation tracking.
  • Assessments are available on both internal and external networks.
  • Continual VA Option: Schedule Vulnerability Assessments on a quarterly or monthly basis. 



  • An SBS network security engineer with knowledge of your environment will execute your scan and provide recommendations to mitigate the risks discovered.
  • Following your assessment, our experienced consultants are available to provide expert guidance to help determine the most important and appropriate steps needed in addressing results.
  • Supplement your full assessment report with an Executive Summary that provides a management-ready review of the scan, including areas of greatest risk, the most vulnerable systems or applications identified, and peer comparison data.
  • Automate your remediation action plan with complimentary access to the TRAC™ Action Tracking module.
  • Stay on track with scheduled quarterly or monthly standard Vulnerability Assessments.


Testimonial Icon"FDIC examiner is here. He absolutely LOVES your stuff. He had not seen your network security and IT audit work before and has been praising you for the past two days!"  - Rhonda Stover, YNB