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Compliance. Simplified.

Simplify cybersecurity risk management and tackle your cybersecurity challenges with ease. TRAC automates the tedious risk assessment process and produces customized results that align with regulations, best practices, and your strategic goals.


The Golden Rule of Email

Protect yourself from phishing emails by following The Golden Rule of Email. Learn how to stay safe in the digital age.
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Customer Cybersecurity Awareness - Creating a Culture of Security

While most organizations think through the direct risk of cyber threats to their business via cyber attacks, known vulnerabilities, and security flaws, not many organizations recognize the risk posed to their business by their customers.
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Security Awareness Toolkit

Enhance your organization's cybersecurity culture with the Security Awareness Toolkit. Access a wealth of grab-and-go resources from experienced instructors and speakers. Build a strong defense against cyber threats all year long.
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Threat Advisory: MOVEit Transfer Zero-Day Vulnerability

Progress Software's MOVEit Transfer tool is facing a zero-day vulnerability that could allow unauthorized access. Security experts are urging users to disable connectivity, apply patches, and monitor for compromise.
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Threat Advisory: Recent Increase in BEC Activity

SBS CyberSecurity witnesses rise in BEC phishing emails posing as secure portals, confirming industry reports on prevalence of attacks.
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Download: Microsoft 365 Security Suggestions

Discover how to ensure the safety of your cloud-based Microsoft Office 365 with our expert tips for enhancing security and minimizing risk.
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Press Release: SBS Issues World Password Day Reminder

SBS CyberSecurity urges Americans to enhance account security on World Password Day by reviewing and updating passwords.
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Behind the Hack: How Employee Handling of Phishing Emails Can Allow a Hacker Inside Your Network

Join the SBS network security team as they share successful attack scenarios and takeaways for enhanced protection in your environment. Learn from the experts.
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The Board of Directors Proactive Cybersecurity Mindset

The Board of Directors effectively oversees the ISP, ensuring proactive management for reduced losses, efficient processes, control of challenges, and competitive advantage.
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Should I Test Employee Security Awareness?

Learn how to effectively test employee security awareness with various methodologies such as quizzes, workplace security reviews, dumpster diving, pretext phone calls, physical impersonation, flash drive drop attacks, and phishing attack simulations.
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