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Frustration-Free Risk Management

Simplify cybersecurity risk management and tackle your cybersecurity challenges with ease. TRAC automates the tedious risk assessment process and produces customized results that align with regulations, best practices, and your strategic goals.



The New R-Sat: Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes

Discover the latest Ransomware Self-Assessment updates while exploring the fascinating connection between Jimmy Buffet and our inner Parrot Heads.
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SBS Institute: Defending Your Business Against Business Email Compromise

Learn how to prevent Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks and safeguard your organization from data breaches and network compromises.
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Hacker Hour: How Bad Guys Bypass MFA

Discover the techniques used by cybercriminals to bypass MFA. Join SBS Cyber's Hacker Hour to learn about MFA vulnerabilities and how to protect against them.
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Hacker Hour: M365 Email Account Compromise Triage

Watch our Hacker Hour webinar to learn crucial strategies for responding to email account compromises in the Microsoft 365 environment.
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MFA Fatigue - Improving the Second Factor

As MFA gains popularity, attackers adjust tactics to target organizations. MFA combines knowledge, possession, and identity for authentication, but human-related security flaws remain a concern.
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Quick Tip to Keep Hackers Out - Always Verify MFA

Discover the significance of multi-factor authentication, an exceptional security measure, while acknowledging its vulnerability: the user.
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Hacker Hour: Microsoft 365 Security Defaults & Best Practices

Boost your Microsoft 365 security with expert tips on security defaults & best practices. Discover how to protect your data & optimize security on our webinar.
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Download: Microsoft 365 Security Suggestions

Discover how to ensure the safety of your cloud-based Microsoft Office 365 with our expert tips for enhancing security and minimizing risk.
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Risks of Granting Local Admin Rights to Users

Understand the risks of granting local admin rights to users and best practices to secure your systems and prevent unauthorized access.
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How the Cyber Kill Chain Can Help You Protect Against Attacks

Discover how the Cyber Kill Chain aids in crafting robust defense strategies against the Advanced Persistent Threat, mapping controls to seven crucial attack stages.
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