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{Webinar} Naughty or Nice - Which is Your Risk Assessment?

Webinar: Naughty or Nice - Which is Your Risk Assessment?
SBS Hosts: Bret Rock and Andy Meyer
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Description: Let's be honest: risk assessments aren't something that makes us very jolly, but that doesn't mean they aren't important or useful. An efficient, effective, repeatable IT risk assessment can help us demonstrate compliance AND make better decisions - pretty nice, right?

During this season of giving, join SBS for this free webinar. We will boil down all of the guidance surrounding the IT risk assessment to what you need to know; discuss the differences between a compliance-based and risk-based assessment; and demonstrate how our TRAC tool can help make your life easier, while helping your institution understand its strengths and weaknesses and how to become more proactive when it comes to cybersecurity.

If your risk assessment (and the process of completing it) makes you scream words that put you on the naughty list, this is the webinar for you!

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Hacker Hour webinars are a series of free webinars hosted by SBS CyberSecurity. Unlike paid webinars, Hacker Hours are aimed to meet on a monthly basis to discuss cybersecurity issues and trends in an open format. Attendees are encouraged to join the conversation and get their questions answered. SBS will also offer products and services to help financial institutions with these specific issues.

Posted: Monday, November 14, 2022
Categories: Blog, Webinar