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Top 20+ Advanced Persistent Threat Teams

An advanced persistent threat (APT) is an attack or state-sponsored group that occurs when an unauthorized user utilizes advanced and sophisticated techniques to gain access to a system or network. Phishing, ransomware, malware, and data breaches are common techniques used by APTs to attack their targets. Below is a list of the top 20+ advanced persistent threat actors:


Lazarus Group

  • AKA: APT38, Gods Apostles, Gods Disciples, Guardians of Peace, ZINC, Whois Team, Hidden Cobra
  • Targets: Bitcoin exchanges, Cryptocurrency, and Sony Corp; South Korea, United States, Australia, Germany, Guatemala, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Japan Russia, Mexico
  • Techniques/Tools: Bankshot, DDoS, EternalBlue, Mimikatz, Bankshot, Http Troy, PowerShell RAT
  • Significant Attack: 2014 Sony Pictures Hack, Operation Troy, WannaCry Software, Covid-19 Spear Phishing, New Mac variant of Lazarus Dacis RAT distributed
  • Location: North Korea



  • AKA: Dark Halo, Nobelium, SilverFish, StellarParticle
  • Targets: SolarWinds, Pentagon, United Kingdom Government, European Parliament
  • Techniques/Tools: Supply chain attack
  • Significant Attack: SolarWinds Orion software attack
  • Location: Unknown


Equation Group

  • AKA: Tilded Team
  • Targets: Afghanistan, Iran, India, Mali, Pakistan, Syria
  • Techniques/Tools: DoublePulsar, EQUATIONDRUG, FANNY, Lambert, Regin, GRAYFISH, Duqu, Flame
  • Significant Attack: iOS exploit 2020
  • Location: United States


Wizard Spider

  • AKA: Grim Spider, Gold Blackburn
  • Targets: Defense, financial, government, and telecommunications sectors; worldwide
  • Techniques/Tools: AdFind, Anchor, BazarBackdoor, BloodHound, Cobalt Strike, Dyre, Gophe, Invoke SMBAutoBrute, LaZagne, PowerSploit, PowerTrick, Ryuk, SessionGopher, TrickBot, TrickMo, Upatre
  • Significant Attack: Trickbot campaigns in Italy targeting COVID-19
  • Location: Russia



  • AKA: Anunak, Carbon Spider
  • Targets: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Czech, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Luxembourg, Morocco, Nepal, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, UK, Ukraine, USA, Uzbekistan
  • Techniques/Tools: Antak, Ave Maria, BABYMETAL, Backdoor Batel, Bateleur, BELLHOP, Boostwrite, Cain & Abel, Carbanak, Cobalt Strike, DNSMessenger, DNSRat, DRIFTPIN, FlawedAmmyy, Griffon, HALFBAKED, Harpy, JS Flash, KLRD, Mimikatz, MBR Eraser, Odinaff, POWERPIPE, POWERSOURCE, PsExec, SocksBot, SoftPerfect Network Scanner, SQLRAT, TeamViewer, TinyMet
  • Significant Attack: Bank and financial institutions were targeted with one victim losing $7.3 million and another losing $10 million
  • Location: Ukraine


Sandworm Team

  • AKA: Telebots, Electrum, Voodoo Bear, Iron Viking
  • Targets: Industrial control systems and SCADA; Georgia, Iran, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan
  • Techniques/Tools: BlackEnergy, Gcat, PassKillDisk, PsList
  • Significant Attack: Widespread power outage in Ukraine, Russian military hack, cyber espionage attacks against NATO
  • Location: Russia


Evil Corp

  • AKA: Indirk Spider
  • Targets: Financial, government, and healthcare sectors
  • Techniques/Tools: BitPaymer, Cobalt Strike, Cridex, Dridex, EmpireProject, FriedEx, Mimikatz, PowerSploit, PsExec, WastedLocker
  • Significant Attack: BitPaymer ransomware paralyzed the IT systems of an Alaskan town, Arizona Beverages knocked offline by ransomware attack, Apple Zero-Day exploited in new BitPaymer campaign, Treasury sanctions Evil Corp, the Russia-based cybercriminal group behind Dridex malware
  • Location: Russia


Fancy Bear

  • AKA: APT28, Sofacy, Sednit
  • Targets: Democratic National Committee and Democratic National Convention; Germany, United States, Ukraine
  • Techniques/Tools: Cannon, Coreshell, Responder, MimiKatz, spear-phishing
  • Significant Attack: U.S. Department of Justice indictment 
  • Location: Russia



  • AKA: Emissary Panda, Iron Tiger, APT27
  • Targets: Aerospace, education, and government sectors; Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Israel, Japan, Middle East, Philippines, Russia, Spain, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Tibet, Turkey, UK, and USA
  • Techniques/Tools: Antak, ASPXSpy, China Chopper, Gh0st RAT, gsecdump, HTTPBrowser, Htran, Hunter, HyperBro, Mimikatz, Nishang, OwaAuth, PlugX, ProcDump, PsExec, TwoFace, SysUpdate, Windows Credentials Editor, ZXShell, Living off the Land
  • Significant Attack: Operation Iron Tiger
  • Location: China



  • AKA: REvil, Sodin Targets: GandCrab, Oracle, Golden Gardens
  • Techniques/Tools: REvil ransomware, privilege escalation, PowerShell, Sodinokibi ransomware
  • Significant Attack: Breached managed service providers, impacting hundreds of dental offices
  • Location: Unknown



  • Targets: European Union, India, United Kingdom
  • Techniques/Tools: Cobalt Strike, Mimikatz, MS Exchange Tool, phishing, Royal DNS
  • Significant Attack: Attack on a company that provides a range of services to UK government
  • Location: China



  • Targets: British Airways, eCommerce, Magento, Newegg, Ticketmaster Entertainment
  • Techniques/Tools: Web-skimmers, skimmer scripts
  • Significant Attack: Ticketmaster breach



  • AKA: APT 34, Crambus, Helix Kitten, Twisted Kitten, Chrysene
  • Targets: Aviation, chemical, education, and energy sectors; Iran, Israel, Middle Eastern government; Saudi Arabia, United States
  • Techniques/Tools: GoogleDrive RAT, HyperShell, ISMDoor, Mimikatz, PoisonFrog, SpyNote, Tasklist, Webmask
  • Significant Attack: Shamoon v3 attack against targets in Middle East Asia, Karkoff
  • Location: Iran


Comment Crew

  • AKA: APT 1, Byzantine Hades, Comment Panda, Shanghai Group
  • Targets: Aerospace, chemical, construction, education, energy, engineering, entertainment, financial, and IT sectors; Belgium, Canada, France, India, Insrael, Japan, Luxembourg, Norway, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, Tawan, United Kingdom, United States
  • Techniques/Tools: GetMail, Mimikatz, Pass-The Hash toolkit, Poison Ivy, WebC2 significant attack: Operation “Oceansalt”
  • Location: China


Temper Panda

  • AKA: Admn@338, Magnesium, Team338
  • Targets: Financial, government, media sectors; Hong Kong, United States
  • Techniques/Tools: Bozok, LOWBALL, Poison Ivy, Systeminfo, Poison Ivy, Living off the Land
  • Location: China


Syrian Electronic Army

  • AKA: Deadeye Jackal, SEA, Syria Malware Team
  • Targets: Facebook, Forbes, Microsoft, Skype; Canada, France, United States, United Kingdom
  • Techniques/Tools: DDoS, malware, phishing, spamming, website defacement
  • Significant Attack: Defacement attacks against news websites such as BBC News, Associated Press, National Public Radio, CBC News, The Daily Telegraph, The Washington Post
  • Location: Syria



  • AKA: TwoForOne
  • Targets: Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam
  • Techniques/Tools: AMTsol, Dipsind, hot-patching vulnerabilities, spear-phishing, Titanium, zero-day exploits
  • Significant Attack: Southeast Asia attack
  • Location: China



  • Targets: Brazil, Kazakhstan, Russia, Thailand, Turkey
  • Techniques/Tools: EternalBlue, EternalRomance, Mimikatz, PlugX, SysInternals
  • Significant Attack: Attacked governments in India, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Russia, Thailand, Turkey
  • Location: China 


Numbered Panda

  • AKA: APT 12, Calc Team, Crimson Iron
  • Targets: Organizations in East Asia, media outlets, high-tech companies and governments, New York Times
  • Techniques/Tools: DynCalc, DNSCalc, HIGHTIDE, RapidStealer, spear-phishing
  • Significant Attack: New York Times breach, Taiwanese government
  • Location: China


Cozy Bear

  • AKA: APT 29, CloudLook, Grizzly Steppe, Minidionis, Yttrium
  • Targets: Norwegian Government, United States
  • Techniques/Tools: Cobalt Strike, CozyDuke, Mimikatz, spear-phishing
  • Significant Attacks: Attack on the Pentagon, phishing campaign in the USA
  • Location: Russia



  • AKA: APT 33, Magnallium
  • Targets: Aerospace and energy sectors; Saudi Arabia, South Korea, United States
  • Techniques/Tools: Mimikatz, NETWIRE RC, PowerSploit, Shamoon
  • Significant Attacks: Organizations in Saudi Arabia and US
  • Location: Supported by government of Iran


Charming Kitten

  • AKA: Group 83, NewsBeef, Newscaster, APT 35
  • Targets: Saudi Arabia, Israel, Iraq, United Kingdom, U.S. government/defense sector websites
  • Techniques/Tools: DownPaper, FireMalv, MacDownloader
  • Significant Attack: HBO cyberattack
  • Location: Iran


Team TNT

  • Targets: Amazon, Kubernetes, Windows, Alpine, Docker
  • Techniques/Tools: Cryptojacking. Botnets, Cryptominers, TNTbotinger
  • Significant Attack: AWS Worm attack, Chimaera campaign
  • Location: Unknown


Mythic Leopard

  • AKA: APT 36, ProjectM, TEMP. Lapis, Transparent Tribe
  • Targets: India, Indian Army
  • Techniques/Tools: Andromeda, beendoor, Bozok, Breachrat, spear-phishing
  • Significant Attack: Spreading fake coronavirus health advisory
  • Location: Pakistan


Muddy Water

  • AKA: Static Kitten, Seedworm, TEMP .Zagros
  • Targets: Georgia, Iraq, Israel, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United States
  • Techniques/Tools: ChromeCookiesView, chrome-passwords, CrackMapExec, Mimikatz, PowerSploit, POWERSTATS, spear-phishing
  • Location: Iran



  • AKA: APT 32, Ocean Buffalo, SeaLotus
  • Targets: Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Germany, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, USA, Vietnam
  • Techniques/Tools: Cobalt Strike, KerrDown, MimiKatz, PowerSploit, Terracotta VPN, 0-day exploits in MS Office
  • Significant Attack: Breach of Toyota in Australia, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam; targeting Wuhan government and Chinese Ministry of Emergency Management in latest example of COVID-19 related espionage
  • Location: Vietnam

Written by: Edin Y Cardona - FSVM Coordinator/IS Specialist
SBS CyberSecurity, LLC


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Posted: Friday, December 10, 2021
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