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In a tech-centered world, a vCISO can help small businesses protect their data

In a tech-centered world, a vCISO can help small businesses protect their data

Small business owners may see their type of organization as an unlikely target of cybercrimes, considering major retailers have access to more consumer data. But the statistics prove otherwise: In 2019, cyberattacks on small businesses increased by 448% (such attacks increased by 424% in 2018 as well), and 43% of all cyberattacks targeted small businesses in 2019 and cost such businesses an average of $200,000.

Cybercriminals are learning that they can get more bang for their buck by targeting smaller businesses, which tend to have unsecured networks, poorly protected client data, and employees who may not be able to identify cybersecurity threats. Unfortunately, small businesses are also likely to go under in the event of a cyberattack. According to the US National Cyber Security Alliance, 60 percent of small businesses hit by a cyberattack close their doors within half a year because of financial and reputational damage. If the US were to experience a wide-scale malware campaign targeting small businesses, the national economy would certainly be impacted.

So, why aren’t small businesses protecting themselves? There are a few potential reasons – first, they may not fully understand the risk of a potential cyberattack. The headlines are typically reserved for attacks on major companies, like Target and Verizon. The other reason may revolve around a lack of resources available to commit to hiring a full-time professional to help small business owners solve their cybersecurity issues.

Luckily, these businesses don’t have to hire full-time information security officers to protect their networks. The cybersecurity industry has responded to the need for more small business support by offering the vCISO, a remote, part-time information security officer who can oversee and manage cybersecurity efforts. VCISOs come with full credentials and cost a fraction of a full-time C-suite level executive.

These are the ways a vCISO may help you quell your information security concerns – and why they may be the answer to your cybersecurity prayers.

  1. VCISOs are affordable solutions to an often expensive business problem. The market is tight for good Chief Information Security Officers, and these people are expensive to hire. A full-time CISO makes anywhere from $172,000 to $293,000 per year. For most small businesses, that amount of money is unjustifiable for one position, especially when your network is small and needs very minimal support. Enter the vCISO, who is much less expensive, and will provide the exact level of cybersecurity support your business needs.
  2. VCISOs come pre-trained, pre-certified, and ready to help solve your security needs. Typically, these individuals are hired and trained by your chosen cybersecurity partner, so you know they come pre-vetted and recommended by people you already trust. vCISOs are prepared to perform tasks for your business that you don’t have the time or experience to handle yourself, like creating a detailed and well-crafted information security program, training your IT staff, and completing risk assessments to help you make more intelligent cybersecurity decisions.
  3. VCISOs can be a central part of your leadership committee and inform decisions that may impact your network security. Depending on the company you choose to partner with for vCISO support, that individual may be available for your organization’s IT committee and Board meetings. You will get peace of mind in knowing that decisions are being made with information security factored in. vCISOs can also create customized information security policies that align with your organization’s strategic objectives.
  4. VCISOs can train your employees to be the gatekeepers of your organization. Part of a good vCISO’s job is strengthening employee understanding of cyber risk. That might mean holding workshops to establish basic cybersecurity etiquette, communicating important security tips, or simply making sure employees are using strong passwords.


As you explore whether or not a vCISO is a fit for your company, remember that the security and protection of your organization’s and your customer’s information is ultimately up to you. Even if you outsource the responsibility to a vCISO, the organization must ultimately own and sign-off on all information and cybersecurity decisions. However, a good vCISO can truly help you make more intelligent cybersecurity decisions and do what’s right to protect your organization.


Written by: 
Jon Waldman, CISA, CRISC
Executive Vice President, IS Consulting and Co-founder - SBS CyberSecurity
President, SBS Institute


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Posted: Thursday, August 20, 2020
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