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This course will focus specifically on each element of the FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment Tool, including continual updates. In addition, we will complete detailed lab exercises that demonstrate how each process works.

BONUS! Students should be able to complete the actual assessment of their institution as part of the course.


CB Cybersecurity Manager
  • Complete the actual Cybersecurity Assessment for your institution.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of commonly missed baseline controls. 
  • Build a solid foundation of understanding for the FFIEC guidance.
  • Gain the knowledge to better defend against cybersecurity threats.
  • Receive a comprehensive collection of cybersecurity resources.


  • Cybersecurity Overview
  • Inherent Risk
  • Risk Maturity
  • Cybersecurity Policy
  • Effective Cybersecurity Reporting and Decision-Making
  • Cybersecurity Audit
  • Enterprise Risk Management

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  • Start Dates: 2/21/2023, 5/16/2023, 8/15/2023, 11/14/2023
  • Price: $999.00
  • Delivery: Online, Self-paced
  • Allowed 10 weeks to complete
  • Duration: 7 Lecture Hours / 5 Lab Exercises / 2 Quizzes / Final Exam
  • Rating: 5 Star Rating
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* A $295 annual membership fee and 4 hours of continual educational credits are required to keep the CBCM designation.


CB Cybersecurity Manager
Cody Delzer
Vice President, Information Security Consultant and Regional Director
SBS CyberSecurity

Who Should Attend

Director, President, CIO, CISO, CTO, CFO, COO