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Security Awareness Training

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The goal of a strong Security Awareness Training Program is to create a culture of information security throughout your entire organization. SBS can help create, implement, and maintain a program that can keep pace with changing technologies and new security threats.


✔ The SBS Advantage

  • It is SBS’ ultimate goal to best suit the needs of your organization when it comes to Security Awareness Training. We can host live webinars, provide recorded webinars, and conduct onsite training; it is solely up to you to determine what works best.
  • Whether you are looking to educate your board of directors, executives, employees, or customers, we have a tailored program for each group.
  • To support continued education after the scheduled training, we offer a variety of free downloadsblogs, and webinars.


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Employee Or Executive/Board Of Director Training

This training is used to help organizations become more knowledgeable in the topics of information security. This helps lower the risk of falling victim to some of the attacks and methods being used today, along with helping you stay compliant with laws and regulations. Keep in mind that Information Security is the responsibility of everyone at the bank, not just an individual or committee.

Training can be tailored to employees or executive level/board of directors.

+ Topics Include
  • Overview of Threats
  • Hot Topics
  • Passwords
  • Social Media
  • Acceptable Use
  • Information Security Program
  • Incident Response

Customer Corporate Account Takeover Training

Corporate Account Takeover (CATO) is responsible for millions of dollars in losses, frayed business relationships, and litigation affecting both financial institutions and commercial accounts. In other words, CATO is not just limited to an institution losing its money, but also the appearance that they are incapable of protecting the money and information being transferred between the institution and the business, even if the business itself was at fault. Extending your Security Awareness Training Program to your corporate customers can help fight against CATO and create the culture of information security for your customers.

+ Topics Include
  • Corporate Account Takeover: How, What, and Why
  • Good Security for Small Businesses
  • Regulation Surrounding Commercial Account Takeover
  • What banks should do to improve security