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Employees have many responsibilities. In most cases, there simply is not enough time to do it all and be a security expert. The SBS consulting services can help alleviate some of that stress. SBS dedicates an experienced consultant to act as an extension of your security team and assist in vendor management responsibilities, emergency preparedness, security awareness training, and designing and maintaining a strong Information Security Program (ISP).


Cybersecurity Partnership

Gain a trusted cybersecurity adviser who has the ability to adjust to changing regulations and keep you informed with a Cybersecurity Partnership. Consistent support and reporting from your consultant will keep cybersecurity top of mind and ensure your ISP is up-to-date and well-managed.

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Emergency Preparedness

One of the most beneficial things a company can do is sit down with a trained consultant to walk through a simulated disaster, testing your institution's processes and procedures from start to finish. Have confidence in your organization's ability to handle an emergency by allowing an industry expert assist in your Emergency Preparedness. Our offerings include

  • Business Continuity Planning: A key piece to any Information Security Program is a high-quality Business Continuity Plan (BCP). Let SBS help create and test a comprehensive BCP to better prepare your organization for a disaster.
  • Incident Response Planning: An SBS consultant can assure your well-structured Incident Response Plan (IRP) will help mitigate the negative effects of a security breach, as well as demonstrate to examiners that your organization is properly prepared to handle such an event.

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Security Awareness Training

It is SBS’ ultimate goal to best suit the needs of your organization when it comes to Security Awareness Training. We can host live webinars, provide recorded webinars, and conduct onsite training; it is solely up to you to determine what works best. Our offerings include

  • Employee or Executive/Board of Director Training:  This training helps lower the risk of falling victim to some of the attacks and methods being used today, along with helping you stay compliant with laws and regulations. Keep in mind that Information Security is the responsibility of everyone at the bank, not just an individual or committee.​
  • Customer Corporate Account Takeover Training: CATO is not just limited to an institution losing its money, but also the appearance that they are incapable of protecting the money and information being transferred between the institution and the business, even if the business itself was at fault. Extending your Security Awareness Training Program to your corporate customers can help fight against CATO and create the culture of information security for your customers.

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Vendor Management

SBS security experts will get to work for you by taking on the daunting responsibility of Vendor Management. Your organization will be able to make better data-driven security decisions without having to do all the background work.

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