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Frustration-Free Risk Management

Simplify cybersecurity risk management and tackle your cybersecurity challenges with ease. TRAC automates the tedious risk assessment process and produces customized results that align with regulations, best practices, and your strategic goals.



Hacker Hour: Advancing Your Penetration Testing Program

Join this webinar as we discuss various industry recommendations and the process of starting a penetration testing program.
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Hot Topic: The NIST CSF 2.0 Next-Gen Cybersecurity Framework

This webinar is for you if you use NIST CSF or are looking at adopting this framework. Learn from an SBS cybersecurity professional how to leverage the CSF 2.0 to enhance your organization’s cybersecurity posture and resilience. Register today and get ready to take your cybersecurity to the next level.
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Hacker Hour: Documents to Review a Critical Vendor

Join this webinar as we walk you through the key documents needed when working with a critical vendor.
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Hacker Hour: What Does a Chief Information Security Officer Do? 5 Key Roles

Explore the roles of a Chief Information Security Officer in today's cybersecurity landscape. Watch our webinar & learn how they protect your information.
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SBS Institute: Maintaining a Cyber-Savvy Culture

Discover the true cost of underestimating cyber threats. Explore real-world examples and learn why cybersecurity is crucial for your business's safety.
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SBS Institute: The Age of AI - Risks and Rewards of AI for Business

Join us for an insightful webinar where we'll explore the exciting possibilities of AI in business.
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SBS Institute: FDIC INTREx Changes and their Impact on your next IT Exam

Stay informed about the impact of recent changes and updates to the IT Risk Examination (InTREx) program on your next IT Exam. Discover how the new guidelines on third-party relationships, accountability, and reporting requirements will affect you.
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Cyber Showcase: vCISO - The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Explore the factors that have you considering a VCISO and learn how SBS finds the right solution for you (yes, there is more than one type of VCISO)!
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Hacker Hour: Social Engineering Trends & Techniques

Discover the latest trends & common techniques in social engineering. Learn how to protect against social engineering attacks with insights from SBS.
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SBS Institute: Assumed Breach Testing: Why should you test as if a hacker is already in your network?

Discover the true state of your network security with assumed-breach testing, providing a unique perspective on your organization's readiness for a real-world breach.
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