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Bret RockApril 09, 2024< 1 min read

Cyber Showcase: Vendor Management in 2024


It's almost been a year since the OCC, FED, and FDIC issued their "Third-Party Relationships: Interagency Guidance on Risk Management" and the ripple effects of that announcement are starting to be felt.

As you mature your vendor management program, it is important to consider what has changed, what hasn't, and what kind of help is available to assist in what is often a tedious and difficult process.

Join us for this month's Cyber Showcase as we look back on the Interagency Guidance, discuss what the impact has been in the short-term, and what you can be doing to ensure your vendor management program is compliant and effective.

We will also discuss some of the options SBS can provide to help you!




What is a Cyber Showcase Webinar?

The Cyber Showcase is a free monthly webinar series that aims to translate complex information and cyber security topics into plain English. Mixing education and sales information, these webinars highlight existing SBS services and provide a platform to roll out exciting new offerings.


Bret Rock

Bret Rock is the Business Development and Product Specialist at SBS CyberSecurity. Before joining the SBS team in 2015, he spent 9 years in leadership roles at a state banking association.