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Be fully prepared and confident that the results of your annual regulatory exam will be successful. An audit completed by SBS goes beyond a simple checklist with a risk-based approach that reviews for compliance and adequacy. SBS auditing services are tailored to the size and complexity of each individual organization, providing a personalized experience from start to finish.

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  IT Audit

Identify system shortcomings and arm your organization with information to fortify your network.
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  Virtual IT Audit

Administer your IT Audit in a virtual format. A Virtual IT Audit follows the identical process of an onsite audit and requires the same evidence, documentation, and scope. Our audit team has developed the technology, infrastructure, and experience to deliver a 100% remote offering that matches the quality of service that our clients have come to expect from an SBS audit with increased efficiency.
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  Remote Work Security Assessment

Mitigate the risks of employees working remotely, accessing sensitive data, and connecting to the corporate network. This assessment provides peace of mind in knowing that work can get done remotely without compromising information security.
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  ACH Audit

Identify system shortcomings and arm your organization with information to fortify your systems. 
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  Network Security Audit

Execute a strategic combination of network testing services to provide a comprehensive assessment of your network security. 
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  Microsoft 365 Controls Assessment

Improve the overall security configurations of your Microsoft 365 instance with an assessment based on recommendations and standards from Microsoft, NIST, and CIS.
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  Incident Readiness Assessment

Evaluate your organization's ability to detect, respond, and recover from an incident by focusing on your people, processes, and technology.
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  Cybersecurity Essentials Assessment

Review your cybersecurity posture by identifying potential risks and weaknesses and getting recommendations to strengthen your overall security.

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  Virtualization Audit

Provide management with an independent assessment of the configuration and security effectiveness of your virtual infrastructure.
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  Password Audit

Use brute-force and dictionary attack methods to test the strength and complexity of your passwords.
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SBS auditors hold the following certifications and designations:

  • Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT – CGEIT
  • Certified in the Risk and Information Systems Controls – CRISC
  • Certified Internal Auditor – CIA
  • Certified Public Accountant – CPA
  • Certified Banking Security Manager – CBSM
  • Certified Banking Security Executive – CBSE
  • Certified Banking Security Technology Professional – CBSTP
  • Certified Banking Cybersecurity Manager – CBCM
  • Certified Banking Vendor Manager – CBVM
  • Certified Banking Forensic Investigator – CBFI
  • Certified Banking Vulnerability Assessor – CBVA
  • Certified Banking Incident Handler – CBIH
  • Certified Banking Business Continuity Professional – CBBCP
  • Certified Banking Mobile Administrator – CBMA