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"I was always playing catch-up with our Information Security Program. Spending the time between audits and exams to learn more about and correct the findings from the last review. Then I learned about SBS and we now have a proactive playbook that has our organization prepared for the next audit/exam at all times. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with them! On top of all that, they are wonderful people to work with."
Bank (IL)

"SBS has performed a number of virtual services for our institution, vulnerability assessment, penetration test, IT audit, and continued with weekly consultant calls. Not once have I noticed a disruption in services, weekly consultant calls are still made, reports have been delivery timely and the Virtual IT Audit went incredibly smooth!"
Bank (NE)

"The M365 Assessment, IT Audit, External Pen, VA, and Social Engineering assessment were fantastic. You’ve got a great team! Special shoutouts to our auditor and network security engineer…best audit I’ve ever had. They were both extremely beneficial in identifying gaps, shortcomings, and potential concerns, as well as putting work into explaining the why, how, and next steps. They also took the time to recognize the things we do well. I’m very impressed!"
Bank (IA)

"We have done remote IT Audits with SBS CyberSecurity for the last few years.  They were extremely thorough and we were happy with how they were conducted."
Bank (MO)

"SBS auditors are easy to work with, patient, and provide information in a timely manner. They actually act more like a partner because even though they have to write up items, they take the time to ensure it is understood what needs correcting and why. There were no surprises in our report because findings had been discussed while the auditors were onsite. SBS auditors do a great job preparing us for regulatory exams."
Bank (AR)

"SBS is really good at what they do! Whether your business utilizes them for IT testing, auditing, or their incredible TRAC program, SBS receives an A+ from our bank. They have the tools and work ethic to ensure your exams go smoothly. SBS is simply as good as it gets!"

Bank (MN)

"SBS is knowledgeable and easy to work with. They took the time to understand our processes and provide recommendations that make us a stronger organization. We are comfortable with their audit process and the TRAC software provides a great resource for our staff!"

Credit Union (AR)

"SBS CyberSecurity has become an important part of our continuing education for all things Information and Cyber Security. Their webinars and certification classes are relative, current and best of all, not boring. They are also a trusted vendor for External/Internal Penetration and Vulnerability Testing.  We have found their process to be easy to follow and their testing to be very thorough."

Bank (KY)

"We are very happy with our relationship with SBS and the performance of the TRAC software. With their help, expanding our Risk Assessment, Vendor Management, and Information Security projects was easy yet thorough. SBS is extremely helpful and always there with a quick, accurate answer. They are very responsive to requests for new or expanded features and modules. We look forward to working with SBS and TRAC for years to come."

Small Business (KS)

"FDIC examiner is here. He absolutely LOVES your stuff. He had not seen your network security and IT audit work before and has been praising you for the past two days!"

Bank (OK)

"SBS Institute has provided a flexible and comprehensive certification course that offers the custom focus that I was looking for. Great care was taken in the design and execution of this course to ensure that proper emphasis and clarification were used in reviewing the laws and regulations that apply to banking security professionals. Bravo to SBS for delivering high value."

Bank (IN)

"I have been in the IT industry for nearly 30 years, I am a novice when it comes to the creation and modifying of bank policies, procedures, ISP, and improving our cybersecurity program. SBS has been a great organization to partner with to help train us in those areas. The TRAC software has been a great resource to organize our IT risk assessments, business processes, and vendor management. The Certified Banking Security Manager class greatly enhanced my understanding of what the SBS consultants were helping us with."

Bank (MN)

"We have found SBS to be knowledgeable, very easy to work with and our association with them has been a benefit to our company. The people at SBS have the ability to talk at a high technical level to our IT staff and have a down to earth approach for our end users. They have worked around our schedule and have provided us with information, recommendations and helped implement processes we use to improve our data security and overall company IT performance. We consider SBS our business partner and one of our main resources for data security. We believe an organizations of any size would benefit from working with them."

Farmers Coop (SD)

"Working with the staff at SBS is always a pleasure. They helped us write policies that we never had, did intrusion testing and a vulnerability assessment. We are more secure because of the work they do for us."

Small Business (SD)

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SBS Quick Facts

  • Clients from coast to coast, ranging in asset size from $12 million to $130 billion
  • Led customers through thousands of successful IT exams
  • Preferred provider of cybersecurity products and services in 16 states
  • Nationally recognized cybersecurity certification program with partnerships in 30 states
  • Named to the Inc. 5000 list for seven consecutive years (2013-2019)
  • Remote team members located across the United States

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