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{Hot Topic Webinar} WannaCry Ransomware Impacts

{Hot Topic Webinar} WannaCry Ransomware Impacts

SBS Presenter: Chad Knutson and Jon Waldman
Price: $159
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This webinar is done in partnership with GSB.

Description: Over 225,000 victims identified in 150 countries have been infected by a new strain of ransomware called WannaCry.  Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts your data and offers to return it safely if you pay the requested ransom. WannaCry has one significant difference from traditional ransomware; it spreads itself automatically across your network and over the Internet. WannaCry utilizes a known Microsoft Windows vulnerability to act like a WORM that scans for another zero-day vulnerability in older, unsupported versions of Windows. A computer is infected, the WannaCry ransomware will then attempt to spread to other hosts. This malware is so significant that Microsoft has issued an immediate update which covers all affected versions of Windows, including Windows XP (which has not been supported since April 2014).

Join us for this webinar to discuss the following items:

  •     Describe the Current Impacts of WannaCry
  •     Risks of Wormable Vulnerabilities
  •     Steps to take IMMEDIATELY to Protect Your Institutio
  •     Ways to Defend or Recover from WannaCry
  •     Best Practices for Ransomware

Target Audience:  This program is designed for executive management, risk officers, information security officers, compliance officers, internal auditors, and system administrators

Hacker Hour webinars are a series of free webinars hosted by SBS CyberSecurity. Unlike paid webinars, Hacker Hours are aimed to meet on a monthly basis to discuss cybersecurity issues and trends in an open format. Attendees are encouraged to join the conversation and get their questions answered. SBS will also offer products and services to help financial institutions with these specific issues.

Posted: Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Categories: Blog, Webinars
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