Automate your FFIEC cybersecurity assessment with Cyber-RISK™. This web-based software is based directly on FFIEC recommendations, but goes beyond a simple spreadsheet. Cyber-RISK is offered free of charge to any financial institution looking to efficiently complete their cybersecurity assessment.


✔ The Cyber-RISK Advantage

  • Fully automate your cybersecurity assessment. It is estimated that it takes on average 50-60 hours to complete the cybersecurity assessment using manual products or an automated spreadsheet - save time, stress and money with Cyber-RISK.
  • Better understand your results with easy-to-read, management-ready reports.
  • Easily define the next steps that need to be taken to improve your cybersecurity program.


Blue Lock Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Complete the Inherent Risk Profile by simply clicking on your risk level for each statement.
  2. Select your Cyber Maturity Goal and complete the Cybersecurity Maturity by simply clicking Yes/No for each statement.
  3. Analyze your report to define next steps. 




Blue Lock FAQ

+ What is the difference between information security and cybersecurity?
+ Does this mean I get to stop doing my IT risk assessment?
+ What are the major things I need to know about the FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment Tool?
+ Who needs to know about this in my institution?
+ The FFIEC has been talking about the Board and cybersecurity a lot… do they need to be involved?
+ What is the overall goal of these cybersecurity assessments?
+ Are examiners going to use the Cybersecurity Assessment Tool or will they be asking about it during my upcoming exam?


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