Emergency Preparedness

Are you ready to successfully handle an emergency situation at your organization? Are your processes out of date? Don't wait for a disaster to find out. One of the most beneficial things a company can do is sit down with a trained consultant to walk through a simulated disaster, testing your institution's processes and procedures from start to finish. 


✔ The SBS Advantage

  • Have confidence in your organization's ability to handle an emergency by allowing an industry expert assist in your planning.
  • Test your program and receive guidance to ensure your processes run smoothly. 
  • Demonstrate a well-managed program, including all proper documentation.


Blue Lock Business Continuity Planning

A key piece to any Information Security Program is a high-quality Business Continuity Plan (BCP). Let SBS help create and test a comprehensive BCP to better prepare your organization for a disaster. 

+ Features:


Blue Lock Incident Response Planning

An SBS consultant can assure your well-structured Incident Response Plan (IRP) will help mitigate the negative effects of a security breach, as well as demonstrate to examiners that your organization is properly prepared to handle such an event. 

+ Features:


Looking for an automated approach to your Emergency Preparedness? Check out TRAC™!

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