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Network Security Testing

SBS performs network security testing that is tailored to the size and complexity of each organization. We provide each of our partners with a personalized experience from start to finish.



  • An industry expert, with extensive knowledge of the regulations and security issues that your organization struggles with, will execute your testing.
  • After testing is complete, a consultant is available to provide guidance.
  • Receive an easy-to-read, management-ready report.


"FDIC examiner is here. He absolutely LOVES your stuff. He had not seen your network security and IT audit work before and has been praising you for the past two days!"  - Rhonda Stover, YNB


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Network Security Audit

Execute a strategic combination of network testing services to provide a comprehensive assessment of your network security.

+ Services Included:
  • White-Box External Network Penetration Test
  • Internal Network Penetration Test
  • Social Engineering- Phishing Assessment and Telephone Impersonation
  • Firewall Configuration Review
  • Remote Access Review
  • Email and Spam Filtering System Review
  • Internal Network Security Posture Review

Vulnerability Assessment

An SBS consultant with knowledge of the organization's environment will scan the network for commonly exploited vulnerabilities from inside the organization.

+ Features
  • Identify the TCP and UDP ports that are open, the processes that have been identified on the ports, and a host of different network and application vulnerabilities.
  • Includes routers, switches, servers, and other network equipment operated by staff. 
  • Consultants are available after the assessment for guidance.
  • Comes with the TRAC™ Action Tracking module to assist institutions in automating their recommendation tracking.
  • Audit report is clear and concise, understandable from management on down.

Penetration Test

Simulates real-life malicious hacking and cracking attacks to ensure your network is hardened against known vulnerabilities. SBS has adopted the following methodology for conducting external Penetration Tests that will ensure thorough and consistent results.


Pre-Engagement Interaction - Information Gathering - Vulnerability Analysis - Exploitation - Post Exploitation - Reporting


+ Features
  • Conducted by an SBS consultant with knowledge of the institution’s environment.
  • Scan of the network from the outside for known weaknesses.
  • Comes with the TRAC™ Action Tracking module to assist institutions in automating their recommendation tracking.
  • Consultants are available after the penetration test for guidance.
  • Audit report is prioritized to address critical systems that indicate where possible risk may lie.

Social Engineering

Social engineering is the simplest way for a hacker to gain access to customer information, but also the easiest attack to prevent. SBS security experts use a variety of cutting-edge techniques to mimic the way hackers are currently targeting organizations in an attempt to gain access to sensitive data.

+ Options
  • Phishing Scam Attack: SBS sends a random email appearing to be from a legitimate source (e.g., core banking provider, internet service provider) and asks recipients to respond to the email. Recipients of the email are then directed to a website where they are asked to enter confidential information.
  • Pre-Text Calling: SBS randomly calls the organization and tries to convince the customer representative into giving them confidential information by impersonating various entities.
  • Physical Impersonation: SBS physically goes inside the organization and identifies themselves as someone else (e.g. telephone repairman, system provider) as they try to access information by looking over people’s shoulders, looking at papers on employee’s desks, or by gaining physical access to systems.
  • Unknown Media: SBS leaves a removable media device in the path of an employee. When an employee inserts the device into their workstation, a transmission is sent to the SBS office to advise them the media device had been inserted into the system.
  • Dumpster Diving: SBS will gather the trash from the organization’s dumpsters and search through it for confidential information.
  • Personalized Social Engineering Scenario: SBS will work with the institution to create a social engineering scenario unique to their institution.