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Incident Readiness Assessment

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You invest time, resources, and energy to prevent a cybersecurity breach at your organization, but as we've seen far too often, no defense strategy is bulletproof.

What happens when a cybercriminal finds a hole in your defense? How long would it take your organization to discover there had been a breach? How would you know an incident had occurred? Who's in charge of each step of the response? Rapid action is critical in a highly stressful cyber-attack scenario. Not being able to confidently answer those questions opens an organization up to insurmountable financial and brand damage. 

The Incident Readiness Assessment is a proactive approach to cyber incident prevention and preparedness. The assessment will evaluate your organization's ability to detect, respond, and recover from an incident by focusing on the following key elements of an incident response program:

  • The readiness of the people in charge of responding to an incident.
  • The processes in place to mitigate the effects of an incident and resume operations.
  • The technology designed to prevent and detect when an attack is occurring.

The Incident Readiness Assessment will give your organization an unbiased review of how prepared you are for an incident and recommendations to consider to mature your incident response program. The NIST Incident Response framework is the foundation of the assessment and includes, but is not limited to, reviews of the following:   

  • The team you have in place to respond to an incident, including internal employees, outsourced vendors, legal representation, and insurance coverage.
  • The plans and processes you have in place with how to respond to a cybersecurity incident, including incident response plan, escalation, testing, change management, and access control.
  • The technical controls in place to prevent and/or detect cyber incidents, including identification/alerting and containment/eradication.

Following the assessment, you will receive a report containing risk-rated recommendations that give you an idea of the order in which to implement them.



  • The SBS team is solely focused on cybersecurity and providing you with the information needed to make better cybersecurity decisions.
  • Following the assessment, you will receive expert guidance from our experienced team with the opportunity to ask any questions you may have - even after the report has been delivered.
  • The assessment was built by a team with significant first-responder experience in dealing with cyber incidents.